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jueves, 2 de septiembre de 2010

Houston wins Clean Air Leadership Award

Source: Port world
The Port of Houston Authority (PHA) has received the Houston-Galveston Area Council’s (H-GAC) 'Best All-Around Clean Air Leadership Award' for 2010, recognising the PAH as an air quality leader in the region.

"I’m pleased to present you with the highest environmental partnership award we give," said Jack Steele, executive director of H-GAC, during the official presentation to Port Commission Chairman James T. Edmonds on August 31.

He added that "this award may be overdue," citing the port authority’s strategic partnership with H-GAC and its ongoing efforts to implement a clean fleet, work with tenants to help them reduce emissions, and implement an environmental stewardship program.

The Clean Air Action Program aims to reduce air pollution and assist the region in attaining compliance with federal air quality standards for ground-level ozone pollution.

The port authority was commended for several projects aimed at reducing air emissions from its operations and helping maritime stakeholders reduce their air emissions.

These include commitment to a Clean Air Strategy Plan (CASP) to develop voluntary air emission reduction programs over several years for ocean-going vessels, drayage trucks, cargo-handling equipment, locomotives and harbour craft.

A special mention was made of the public/private partnerships that PHA has developed as a result of Diesel Emission Reduction Act (DERA) grant funds to reduce air emissions.

Among them are the $1.5 million grant received by the PAH that will be used to refund Maersk Line for the extra costs it will incur due to a fuel switching initiative from regular high sulphur bunker fuel to a low sulphur distillate fuel when they call on the port of Houston.

Lee Kindberg, Director, Environment for Maersk North America recently gave Bunkerworld and Sustainable Shipping details of the cooperation between Maersk Line and the PHA to begin a low-sulphur fuel switching programme on approach to the port.

The fuel switching programme will involve all Maersk Line vessels calling Houston, which switch to a distillate fuel with less than 0.2% sulphur when within 24 nautical miles from the Texas coast. Kindberg said Maersk and the PAH would track published fuel prices from Bunkerworld to calculate reimbursements to Maersk Line.

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