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martes, 3 de julio de 2012

CSO, Fleet managers, Ship owners, Ship Charterers, Oil & Gas Rig operators and Yacht owners

CSO, Fleet managers, Ship owners, Ship Charterers, Oil & Gas Rig operators and Yacht owners

Dear Sirs

Armed Piracy Defence operates a Maritime Security business with it's own Armed Guards and a Command and Control Center for SAMI registered teams in southern Florida (USA).

Our control center matches Ship Owners and top MarSec Companies (Ex F & Seals) to ensure the safety of vessels in
the High Risk Areas. Register your vessels and any last minute trips, route changes and unexpected stopovers.
APD will have a high quality, professional security team escort your vessel to their destinations in safety.
Available Armed teams and vessels are matched according to REAL TIME embarkation and disembark information of
Armed Guards at each of the 25 major ports of HRA and vessels requirements.

Ship owners have 24/7 access to the best, SAMI registered, Armed Maritime Security companies competitively
priced and the Security teams will have a paid trip home. Costs are saved on Port Agents, Weapons, Accommodations,
passage home and Combat Gear for all parties.

Ship owners check: http://www.armedpiracydefense.com/ship-owners-info/
Marsec companies check: http://www.armedpiracydefense.com/marsec-info/

Fill out the questionnaire on the APD website and we will match you with exactly what you need.

Armed Piracy Defence also provides its own Armed Guard teams, under water security surveliance divers and commissioned
remote vessels that can escort slow ships, yachts or oil rigs ready for deployment within 48-72 hrs between any of the
25 major ports of HRA.

About APD:
Armed Piracy Defence is a combat trained security service that specializes
in the protection of commercial and private vessels traveling south of the
Suez Canal towards Sri Lanka and back.
We will secure your UK Flag fleet with UK Ex Marines working for our

All our guards are fully armed, former army and navy personnel. We are able to board vessels at Malta, Aqaba, Eilat,
the Straits of Tiran (Lat 27N , Red Sea), Durban,Mombasa, Dar El Salam in Tanzania, the Seychelles Island, Muscat, Fujaira, Jbel Ali and
Colombo or Galla in Sri Lanka.

Given the dangers facing commercial vessels that travel in that area, we
felt it would be beneficial to your company if we offered our services.
Please reply to this email or contact the number below to arrange a date and time that we can discuss how we can help you.
We will be ready to be on board your vessel within 72 hours.

The cost of the loss of your ship, its cargo and ransoms for your crew can
be in the millions of dollars.

For as little as $3500-$3800/day for 3 guards, our experienced staff can give you the peace of mind you need to keep your
crew and cargo safe.

Below is a small list of the teams we can confirm for the following dates:

Within 24- 48 hrs
1. In Aqaba 3 guards/3 weapons
2. From Sues 4 guards/4 weapons
3. Lat 27N 4 guards/4 weapons
4. A team in Jbel Ali 3 guards/3 weapons

Within 48-72
4 teams ready at:

Within 72 hrs
1 team ready at:
Fujaira OPL

Within 96 hrs
3 and 4 man teams at the following ports:

About Armed Piracy Defense:
1. We have 2 commissioned vessels in the Red Sea passing from Gulf of Aqaba to Lat 27. We use commissioned Remote Vessel
facility in Fujaira OPL and soon in OPL Muscat.

2. All our teams are made up of Navy Seals with certified officers as Team
Leaders. Our teams also include sniper experts and certified battle medics.

3. We use Sniper 5.56 and 7.62 caliber long barrel guns, with day and night
vision optics.

4. All our employees are experienced combat personnel.

5. We have an Anti Terror training center and life range at open Sea.

6. Our prices are VERY competitive.

7. We have our own weapons.

8. We have been in business since 2008.

9. We follow stricly IMO and SAMI regulations to open fire.

10. We count many first class shipping companies among our clients.

11. We have certified officers that function as Security Team leaders that
are fluent in : English, Russian, Italian, Spanish, German, French, Italian
and Portuguese. This helps to avoid any communication issues due to
misunderstandings between our teams and your crew.

12. We waive any late fees for up to 12 hours of the scheduled
embark/disembark time.

13. We are insured for $5000000 3rd party and conduct $5000000. Each guard is insured at $500000

14. Our teams maintains a 2 cable (350 meter) NO SKIFF tolerance zone around the vessel at any given time. No Skiff will be tolerated within 350 metres of the vessel. This service is especially appealing to LNG/Crude & Tanker owners and High Value ship owners.

15. Armed Piracy Defense is offering an innovative new service that will
save you money, as your voyage plans may change to A NEW destination-you will still need armed guards. Contact APD about 7 working days before the completion of a voyage, with details of your new route.
We periodically send information about the availability of ARMED GUARD teams on real time at 25 HRA ports to 10000 selected Ship owners, Charterers, CSO's, Fleet managers, Active Captains and Operation officers world wide. Our aim is to secure your ship at any time at any place.

16. For immediate deployment of 24-48 hrs, We use available teams from
multiple companies to operate a 24/7 armed team service, any time, any where on earth.
High grade European Teams that finish their mission report us of their end
mission ETA, APD source ships to protect for their return to origin and or
another port.
APD works extremely fast on keeping track of these SPOT 24-48 hrs cases of "who is where" and when to arrange for a costing for the vessel in a rapid need for a voyage.

17. We have MANY references that are available.

18. We harden ships, before mission without extra costs, You pay just the material costs.

19. We commission a 30 M long boat (14/16 knots) that can escort slow rigs and vessels from Lat 27 North to Gale/Durban.

20. We provide life fire Marsec Training (Ask for our curriculum and schooling)

We look forward to discussing the details of our services and security
options with you. Please check our site for more details: www.ArmedPiracyDefence.com

I hope you will give us the opportunity to show you the benefits of working
with us on your next voyage.

We are always trying to find ways to improve the services we offer. Please let us know if you have any comments or recommendations regarding our services.

Leut (Mil Ret) Dave Daniel Rachimi MBA/MBI
Armed-Piracy-Defence Inc
CEO Operations & Marketing
Skype Phone ID: davidrachimi
Email: ArmedPiracyDefence@gmail.com
Phone: 00.1.561.8604947

Answer "NO" at subject line if you do not want our info

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