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jueves, 14 de octubre de 2010

Greek Shipowners in Brussels

Source: Ana
BRUSSELS (ANA-MPA/M. Spinthourakis) - A delegation of the Union of Greek Shipowners, headed by the Union's president Theodoros Veniamis, visited the European Union's headquarters in Brussels and the issues it discussed included maintaining and developing nautical know-how in Europe, handling the phenomenon of international piracy, the European legislative framework and its repercussions for maritime activities, issues concerning environmental protection and problems created in shipping as a result of the recent measures taken by the EU against Iran.

The Union's three-day contacts in the Belgian capital included, among others, the Commissioners Maria Damanaki (shipping policy), Viviane Reding (Justice) and Androula Vassiliou (education, culture, youth).

The delegation, as it stressed during a press conference it gave in Brussels, reminded the EU officials that European shipping represents 41 percent of the world's fleet and Greek shipping 40 percent of the European, reiterating its steadfast position that whatever decisions are adopted on shipping issues, including those concerning the protection of the environment, are preferable to be taken at the level of the International Maritime Organisation and not of regional, such as the EU for example.

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