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viernes, 1 de agosto de 2014

celebración que se realizó el pasado mes de junio por el Día Internacional de la Gente de Mar.

The Harbour Master Cap. Alt. Enrique
Casarrubias Garcia and the International

Seafarers’ Welfare Centre of Veracruz

organized the celebration “Day of Seafarer

25 June” this year 2014. With the support

of all the Seafarers’ Unions and their


Our lady “Stella Maris” at the church of our Chaplain

F. William de Jesus Medina Cobos is the

Parrish of the Catholic Church. F. William is

also the Chaplain of our International

Seafarers’ Welfare Centre, Father William

was appointed by Mons. Luis Felipe

Gallardo Martin del Campo, Bishop of the

Dioceses of Veracruz. We have two chapels

where seafarers may pray and get spiritual

counsel in the religious of them. Our people

respect all seafarers and they give

assistance in their needs at our Welfare


Beautiful flowers at the altar of our lady “Stella Mari”

I.M.N. Artemio Gutierrez Gómez read the

epistle of the day on which Mass was

celebrated. I.M.N. Artemio is a professor at

the Merchant Nautical School “Fernando

Siliceo y Torres” The Mass was in honour of

the Virgin “Stella Maris”. Who take care of

all seafarers and the bishop was so happy

that many seafarers honoured her on “DAY

OF THE SEAFARER 25 JUNE”. Our task is to

let known the citizen who the merchant

seafarers have done to transport the 95% of


We can see Captain Ysmael Garcia Muñoz

who is the General Secretary of the Masters

and Mates’ Union, at his left side is Chief

Engineer Artemio who teaches at the

Nautical Merchant School “Cap. Alt.

Fernando Siliceo y Torres. There were many

seafarers attending mass celebrated on the


the holy day to pray for the seafarers who

lost their lives at the sea.


Resolution 19

Day of the Seafarer


ADOPTED the Manila amendments to the

International Convention on Standards of

Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for

Seafarers (STCW), 1978 and to the

Seafarers’ Training, Certification and

Watchkeeping Code, as amended,


contribution seafarers from all over the

world make to international seaborne

trade, the world economy and civil society

as a whole,

RECOGNIZING EQUALLY the considerable

risks seafarers shoulder in the execution of

their daily tasks and duties in an often

hostile environment,

MINDFUL of the deprivations to which

seafarers are subject through spending long

periods of their professional life at sea away

from their families and friends,

Engeneer Miguel Mijango at the right side and Captain Victor Martinez at left

DEEPLY APPRECIATIVE that, in recognition

of the above, the International Maritime

Organization has named 2010 as the “Year

of the Seafarer” in order for it and the

maritime community as a whole to pay due

tribute to seafarers in recognition of the


DESIRING to ensure the continued

expression of this deep appreciation and

gratitude to seafarers from all over the

world for the reasons explained above on

an annual basis.

Enrique O. Pacheco Georges General Secretary of National Engineers’ Union

RECOGNIZING that the adoption of the

aforementioned amendments to the STCW

Convention and Code on this, the 25th June

2010, makes this a very significant day for

the maritime community and those who

serve it on board ships,

Bishop and Chaplain said mass for our lady “Stella Maris” praying for all seafarer

1. RESOLVES to nominate the 25th June of

each year hereafter as the “Day of the


2. ENCOURAGES Governments, shipping

organizations, companies, shipowners and

all other parties concerned to duly and

appropriately promote the Day of the

Seafarer and take action to celebrate it

3. INVITES the Secretary-General of the

International Maritime Organization to

bring this resolution to the attention of the

IMO Assembly for endorsement and for any

other appropriate action it may deem

necessary to promote the letter and spirit of

the Day.

All the seafarers appreciated very much to

have a day to pray tribute to all seafarers

who offered their lives to the sea when they

were working on the ships.

Thanks to the members of the International

Maritime Organization. We have the DAY


And we can also say Thanks to all seafarers

that transport 95% of merchandise

Mons. Felipe Gallardo Martin del Campo,

Bishop of Veracruz is now boarding a huge

tugboat to pray for the seafarers, and throw

a wreath on the sea. We travel to the bay

and Mons. Prayed for all seafarers who

offered their lives to the sea.

The seafarers of Veracruz thanks to all

members representatives of all countries

that approved the Resolution 19 to

celebrate on June 25

th Day of the Seafarer”

We are sending this information to the

ISWAN International Seafarers’ Welfare and

Assistance Network asking respectfully to

send this information to IMO International

Maritime Organization and wishes that all

the Mexican Ports celebrate this day on the

next years.

In 2010, the Diplomatic Conference which

met in Manila to adopt milestone revisions

to the International Convention on

Standards of Training, Certification and

Watchkeeping for Seafarers (the STCW

Convention) and its associated Code, also

agreed that the unique contribution made

by seafarers from all over the world to

international seaborne trade, the world

economy and civil society as a whole,

should be marked annually with a ‘Day of

the Seafarer’. The date chosen was 25 June,

the day on which the amendments were

formally adopted.

The campaign objectives are:

• To increase awareness among the general

public of the indispensable services you

render to international seaborne trade, the

world economy and society at large;

• To send a clear message to you that we

recognize and appreciate your services; that

we understand the extraordinary conditions

and circumstances of your profession; that

we do care about you; and that we do all

that we can to look after and protect you

when the circumstances of your life at sea

so warrant; and

• To redouble our efforts at the regulatory

level to create a better, safer and more

secure world in which you can operate.


Note: Some text are reproduced from the


magazines and the Resolution 19 of

the SCTW of the International Conference of

Manila 2010)

Our wish is to follow the spiritual mandatory

just to make the citizen to know the risk of

the seafarers on their professional work and

the dangerous and sometimes hostile

waters plagued of piracy.

The Administrative Manager of Terminals

and Port Companies’ Association of

Veracruz AC, Guadalupe Esbeidy Moreno

gave us the support of transportation from

the Church to the Pier where the Bishop of

Veracruz boarded a tugboat to expel a floral

wreath. We appreciate very much the

support of said Civil Association of Port and

Terminals Companies.

We celebrated the DAY OF THE SEAFARER

25 JUNE. We did it at the building of the

International Seafarers’ Welfare Centre last

year on June 25

th but there were many

people so Mons. Luis Felipe Gallardo Martín

del Campo, Bishop of Veracruz suggested to

have a mass at the church “Stella Maris” so

we have an small chapel at the Centre and

many seafarers and their families couldn’t

attend mass, so he offered to stay with us

more comfortable. That was the reason to

appoint Mr. Emiliano Antonio Novelo

Alpuche as the Festival Presidency to

organize this huge and monumental

significance festival.

From left to right at a huge tugboat are F.

William de Jesus Medina Cobos the

Chaplain of our Seamen’s Centre, the

Bishop of Veracruz Mon. Luis Felipe

Gallardo Martin del Campo, Captain Victor

M. Martinez Rodríguez who is the Vice-

President of the Port Welfare Committee.

Captain Victor is a seafarer with too much

knowledge, he serves the port as a Pilot

with the great responsibility to assist the

ships to enter and sail the Port of Veracruz.

Captain Victor is enthusiastic to give welfare

to all seafarers from the entire world and in

this case, he was the head to reach this


Hector Yunes Landa Senator of the Mexican

Republic congratulated the Seafarers.

the place to honour the seafarers on their

day and the speeches let the people known

about the life of the people who works on

the ships. The media and communications

made a good job.

On this photo are the staff of the Seamen´s

Welfare Centre. They worked very hard

with the Radio Operator Emiliano Antonio

Novelo Alpuche who was the festival

President of the festival organization.

I want to congratulate Emiliano for his

excellent job. Everything was

chronometrically on time.

Captain Enrique Lozano with some seafarers

from India.

The Harbour Master with Vice Admiral on

representation of the Commander in chief

of the 3

rd Zone. The Navy supported us with

an orchestra to make pleasant the banquet

and some seafarers danced with the

orchestra, we have to give our gratitude to

Mexican Navy.

This two women visit the ships anchored at

the Veracruz Piers to invite seafarers to visit

the Seafarers Welfare Centre.

My daughter and my wife at the table

enjoying the banquet.


Av. Xicoténcatl N° 77 Esq. Aquiles Serdán CENTRO HISTORICO C.P. 91700

Veracruz, Ver. México Tel: +52 (229) 9 31 94 04 Móbile + (52) 229 116 13 47




S. R. E. 3004057 R.F.C. CVB 070816 SL4

Photographs and relate by Pedro J. Miranda President of the Port Welfare Committee

We included the Resolution 19 of the SCTW approved at the International Conference of Manila 2010

Thanks very much, to whom have enough time to read this work.

I will appreciate it very much your comments to e-mail


I want to give my gratitude to Emiliano Antonio Novelo Alpuche the Festival President and the Staff of the International

Welfare’s Centre of Veracruz, Mexico.

I give my gratitude to the Harbour Master and all the people who made possible this festival DAY OF THE SEAFARER 25


H. Veracruz, Ver. June 27

th of 2014

Mons. Luis Felipe Gallardo Martin del

Campo blessed the banquet food.

The bishop of Veracruz blessed all the

seafarers and enjoyed the festival. On the

back the “Escualos” an orchestra of the

Mexican Navy.

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